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Helping children and adults with disabilities to develop their confidence and abilities through horse riding…

We are a member of Riding for The Disabled Association (RDA)

For over 35 years the RDA has been providing riding activities as a beneficial exercise for children and adults with disabilities. Based on the now recognised fact that horses can have an amazingly calming effect on both children and adults, as well as being very physically and mentally rewarding, we aim to give them a greater sense of achievement and confidence. The experience our riders gain through their contact with horses and ponies can also greatly enhance their co-ordination as well as strengthen muscles.

Our service to the local community

We give local children and adults with disabilities the opportunity to enjoy the above benefits from riding horses on a regular basis. The transformations experienced by our riders is hugely rewarding for all involved; volunteers feel they are giving something back to their local community, and riders gain a real sense of achievement, and a pride in their new-found skills. Our charity would not be able to offer this service, and those with disabilities would not be able to ride at Squirrel Wood Equestrian Centre (Hall Farm, North Walsham) without continued donations and the work of local volunteers, who also run help run many fundraising events throughout the year.

Forthcoming Sessions

There are no upcoming events at this time.
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